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Real ​Homegirl Energy was born Quarantine 2020 with you and I both in mind. The sitting around, the stagnant energy, the need to connect were at the top of my daily thoughts. I begin to identify what I held within and I was holding back. Can you guess what that was?


It was my real homegirl energy. The magic of shifting the room and the ability to identify where change was necessary. I studied the elements the five elements of Feng Shui and now introduce to you my labor of love. 


                    _________________________THE COLLECTION________________________


Scented Vibes

Each candle scent represents an element. 


Fire- Passion , Earth-Equilibrium, Metal- Transparency, Water- Plenty, Wood-Lush 



Those marbled plant pots they are so pretty. That is totally the feeling and  how those became a thing. I missed that feeling that something "pretty" gave me once I was forced from behind the chair. 

Branded Merchandise:


Well you got to represent for the things you believe in. Sweatshirts, Tees, Coffee Mugs, and much more to come. 


Owner, Andrea Boone

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